Who We ARE

Our Mission

The Brotherhood of Integrity Organization is an International XBOX Gaming Community made up of men and woman that share a love for online video games both casually and competitively. Our membership encompasses people from all walks of life, backgrounds and beliefs, but share the same values. 

We strive to play fair,  have fun and offer a safe non toxic community.

We are committed to offering our members an exclusive community where you always feel welcome and accepted.   

We are committed to offering an amazing opportunity for friendship, growth, and community to all our members. 

We are proud to offer you our Brotherhood and look forward to playing along side with all of you.


- MrTrip1et  Founder & Owner

Special thanks to PAST BIO members for thEir contriButions


Founder and Owner

August 2017- July 2019


Founder and Owner

August 2017- June 2019



August 2017- 2018