code of conduct



Brotherhood of Integrity Organization 

Code of Conduct

To be in BIO is easy. All you have to do is follow the Code of Conduct, be active with other members of BIO, and have FUN. 

1  All Brotherhood of Integrity Organization members are expected to read and follow our Code of Conduct, Xbox live terms of service, PlayStation terms of Service, PC terms of service, and abide by all rules that apply to your respective teams, squads and applicable league rules.

2  All Brotherhood of Integrity Organization community  members must join BIO through our website and wear our platoon tags and be an active Battlefield Player by joining Owners and or Upper Management BIO members at least once in a month to be considered an active members and keep their BIO tags. By joining BIO you agree to stay represent only one team/platoon in any game that allows such designation, and will not join, compete with, or represent another team while a member of the  BIO community, competitive team or partnered team. If found to not be wearing or representing BIO tags while in the platoon, member will lose their right to wear the BIO platoon tags, and be removed from the platoon. A member would have to reapply for platoon tags to represent.

3  The minimum age to join BIO is 18

4  BIO offers a program for members between the ages of 13 until your 18th birthday called b101. Members of b101 will need to apply to BIO and read an agree to the code of conduct. In addition to the regular application, and additional parental consent form must be filled out. To be considered a b101 member in good standing you  must agree to and follow the BIO code of Conduct. For all BIO members, please refrain from “adult/sexual content” or sensitive topics typically discusses by adults while an underage b101 member is in the same party. Also be aware that some of these members might be in a discord chat, and to only discuss in an appropriate channel or private DM. If an underage person is in the party, each member who joins the party will be made aware of his/her presence, as to not use this type offensive language. Since this a Mature rated game, the use of bad words is tolerated, but adult/sexual content type of language is generally not permitted in BIO. If you are asked to quit speaking about a certain topic by any other member, please respect that, or you may be removed from the party.

5  Racism, Sexism and Discrimination is strictly prohibited and will NOT be tolerated in BIO. We do not condone intolerance of any kind. This includes discrimination based on race, gender, age, religious affiliation, or any other personal interest, investment, or inclination. Bullying of any kind is prohibited. BIO promotes Fair non toxic gaming. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

6  We expect BIO members to come in with a positive attitude, wanting to play as a team, and strive to grow and learn together. 

7  A working Mic or gaming headset is required to be a member of BIO Competitive or BIO Casual play. Respect will be shown to all current members of BIO and fellow gamers through all form of communication including but not limited to, game chat, game parties, online communication, discord, social media posts; NO EXCEPTIONS (There should never be a time when you can be disrespectful to fellow, current member’s of BIO) Also know that all social communication is monitored by our BIO leadership as to follow the standards that are set forth in our Code of Conduct. If at any time any of our members are found to have violated these terms, they will be asked to delete the comments and issue a formal apology. Is it occurs on a frequent basis, permanent actions may be taken to correct the situation.

8  All new casual members’ must apply online and join BIO in a platoon if one exists in the game

9   The Brotherhood of Integrity Organization always puts family and real life and jobs first. 

10 Never leave a BIO member behind. Make an honest attempt to switch teams to play along side you fellow BIO brother, and don’t quit a game because you’re losing.

11  If you see a BIO member online, try to join their game or invite them to your party or game. This is how we will build a strong brotherhood.

12 Cheating in any way shape or form will not be tolerated in BIO.Cheating is defined as using modded controllers, modded peripherals, manipulating code within the console to give you any advantage that a regular OEM controller does not give you, for example, reduced recoil, rapid fire, wall hacks, auto aim. Other mods that allows you to use mouse and keyboard not approved by Xbox or Microsoft are also prohibited. Additionally watching a live stream or spectating on multiple accounts/consoles during gameplay to gain an advantage is also prohibited.  Being in a Xbox party with the intent to provide information to the other team is also not allowed. Elite Controllers and other custom controllers are allowed. Grips, Stick extensions Grip tape, or silicone wraps are considered customizations and do not give a competitive advantage, therefore are not considered cheating.

13 You have the right to talk to any Leader in BIO with issues or suggestions you may have. Management of BIO will listen, but at the same time retain the right of making all final decisions and setting policy.

14 BIO has an “Open Door Policy” and strives to have full transparency with all its members. If for any reason you have an idea or an issue with anything that pertains to our organization feel free to reach out to any of our upper management. We will make every effort to listen to your concerns and may take a vote among our membership to better understand our member’s positions and settle any differences. 

15 Brotherhoods of Integrity Organization leaders are expected to exude proper conduct, leadership skills and a high level of professionalism.

16 BIO members are encouraged to join our discord channel and or Facebook group to be a part of the community, and be informed of all things BIO. Leaving our Discord will constitute leaving BIO unless otherwise communicated to a Owner or Management.  For members that do not or are not able to join the discord channel, please do your best to interact with other members through gaming, in parties, through our website, social media and other platforms. Inactive community members that don’t participate at all exceeding 90 days may be removed without notice from BIO membership, and or discord and other social media accounts. This is at the sole discretion of BIO’s Owners and Management. Efforts may be made by BIO Owners/Management prior to removal to confirm members desire to stay within the community, prior to removal, through email and other forms of communication. Non-response will constitute non-participation, and may result in removal from the community.

17 Upon seeing a member wants to leave, management will do our best to reach out to a member to make sure that this is the true intention. If you decide to quit, management will remove you from all access to our various forms of communication including platoon, discord, all social media channels and leagues that we participate in. This is at the sole discretion of our management team.

18 All illegal activities are strictly prohibited.

19 All Brotherhood of Integrity Organization logos, artwork, graphics, clan tags, platoon emblems, photos, highlight videos, twitter posts, Instagram, Facebook content are the sole property of the owners of Brotherhood of Integrity Organization. All use over the above mentioned must be approved by the owners before use. All messaging on merchandise for example a t-shirt or hat must be done using BIO approved images and messaging.

20 Poaching or swaying another gamer who’s already a part of any competitive team is highly discouraged.

21 We recognize that we are all adults here, and are capable of self-monitoring our behavior in an appropriate manner. While we cannot prohibit the use of alcohol or control substances, we expect each member to make responsible choices when enjoying these items. If at any time the conversation in a party becomes uncomfortable or abusive toward other members in the party, please know that an appropriate action could be to kick the offending person from the party or start another party to avoid additional conflict. If additional abuse continues after the offending member is removed, please document with screen grabs or recordings and forward to any management. Each instance will be judged on a case-by-case basis however, if the behavior continues multiple times and there is continuous abuse, the offending member may be taken out of competitive matches or removed from BIO entirely. This decision will be at the full discretion of our Owners and Management.

22 BIO is an every growing and changing community. We believe that we are an organization run by the members and for the members, and will take all input from our membership to further positive movement and growth of the organization. Utilizing our open door policy, as well as open member voting, and encouraging all members to be involved, together we can make our community thrive. However, ultimately, the final say will go to the Owners. The Owners of BIO has a ZERO tolerance policy for any violations of the code of conduct. Owner’s reserves the right to correct any infractions violated in this code of conduct, by suspending membership, suspending participation, or termination of membership, as they see fit.  Additionally, the owners have final say, on all matters regarding the operation of BIO. Modifications to the code of conduct and additional rules of operation can be changed at any time. The Owners reserves this right. If this occurs, members will be notified that a change has taken place.

The leadership of BIO is not responsible for the actions of our fellow BIO members; therefore YOU are responsible for your own actions 

Please be responsible and have fun!

(Revised Aug 26, 2019)